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  1. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Andy - Change Date 2.6

    Description: Allows changing the date and time of a post. The purpose of this add-on is the allow the admin to move a post within a thread. For example if you want to move post #3 to be after post #5. (Example of Change date link) (Example of Change date overlay) (Example of User group...
  2. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Andy - Edit Delete Limit By Forum 1.0

    Description: Allows setting edit and delete time limits in selected forums. (Example of Options page) (Example of User group permissions) Features: User group permissions allow moderators to bypass add-ons settings.
  3. WinSys32

    Nulled WoWonder 3.0.4 3.0.4

    WoWonder is a PHP Social Network Script, WoWonder is the best way to start your own social network website! WoWonder is fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated. WoWonder is very easy to install, Watch how to install WoWonder Demo 1 Follow System + Wonder button Demo 2...
  4. WinSys32

    Beta [cv6] - New Post Icon 1.0.1 Rc 2

    Displays an icon in front of threads with new posts in every list. XF 1.5 had this, and my users missed the dot. Settings are in the Style Miscellaneous Sections: So you can define different Icons per Style. And so it looks in the Front End: Easy done. Will update soon to 2.2. ;) One...
  5. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.1.x Nulumia - Dark Forum Status Icons Pack 2020-08-25

    A free set of dark UI, gaming inspired forum status icons. Includes eight color presets with On / Off - Read / Unread versions. A fantastic addition for any forum software, from phpBB, vBulletin, Xenforo and Invision PowerBoard! Designed with dark styles in mind, this kit includes eye-catching...
  6. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x [cXF] - Quick Thread Per Forum 1.1.0

    Disable (remove) quick thread on a forum basis. < options > Example: < show quick thread > < disable quick thread in a forum >
  7. B

    IPB 4.3.x Italian-language ips-4.4.4 core, forum and calendar

    Italian-language ips-4.4.4 core, forum and calendar
  8. WinSys32

    IPS 4.3 Don't Rate Your Topic 1.0.0

    This plugin will not permit that topic authors rate their own topics.
  9. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.1.x Xon - Proxy Link-Forum 2.1.1

    Converts link forums into proxies for actual forums, allowing post information, post counts, etc from the destination forum to be visible when viewing the link-forum. Note; only works as-expected for destinations which are a Forum (not a page or anything else). Does not have much in the way of...
  10. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.1.x [XTR] - Copy Node 1.0.0

    [XTR] Copy Node Copy node when creating a new node and save your time.
  11. WinSys32

    vBulletin 4.x.x vBulletin Suite 4.2.6

    PHP Compatibility // PHP Compatibility Compatible with PHP 7.2.0 - 7.4.0 // The software has been updated to be compatible with PHP 7.2.0 - 7.4.0 MySQL Compatibility // MySQL Compatibility Compatible with MySQL 8 // The software has been updated to be compatible with MySQL 8 updated templates...
  12. WinSys32

    vBulletin 5.x.x vBulletin (Nulled) 5.6.2

    Front End Changes Global Module Areas Two new module sections have been added to Site Builder Pages. Placing a module within the new sections will cause it to appear on all pages. The new sections appear above and below the content areas on the page. Forum Listing Cleaned Up Removed the...
  13. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.1.x Andy - Forum Moderators 1.7

    Description: Displays forum moderators when viewing a forum. (Example of Forum moderators list) (Example of Options page) (Example of User group permissions) User group permissions: Normally the Registered user group is set to Yes. Questions and Answers: Q: A moderator is shown...
  14. WinSys32

    Invision Community Suite 4.5.0 (Beta) 4.5.0 Beta 4

    The best platform for compelling community experiences Designed For Flexibility Configure the platform precisely to your organization's needs Fully brandable to create a seamless customer experience Build integration with your existing systems via our APIs Easy To Manage WYSIWYG editing for...
  15. WinSys32

    vBulletin 4.x.x DBTech - DragonByte Private Text In Posts 2.0.0pl1

    DragonByte Private Text in Posts allows users to enclose text with a special BBCode that prevents other users seeing the text except the specified user.
  16. WinSys32

    vBulletin 5.x.x DBTech - DragonByte Modification Manager 1.0.0

    Modification Manager from DragonByte Tech is a modification designed to automatically check for new available versions for all vBulletin modifications (even non-DBTech mods) that supports the "Check Version" feature in vBulletin, and display them in a visually attractive, tabulated manner on a...
  17. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.1.x ThemeHouse - Ignore More 2.0.1

    Ignore More Features Features Add a 'Show ignored content' link when content has been hidden on the news feed and latest activity pages, allowing the ignored content to be revealed Allow users to choose to ignore or unignore the threads or forums in the news feed, thread list, and forum list...
  18. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.1.x Andy - Forum Reply Ban 1.3

    Disallows member from replying in selected forums. (Example of Options page) (Example of error message) Features: All phrases start with forumreplyban_ for your convenience. Setup: Go to the Options page and select Include forums and enter Usernames.
  19. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.1.x Andy - Forum Access By Gender 1.1

    Allows access to forums based on gender. (Example of Options page) (Example of Custom user field) (Example of Gender selection) Questions and Answers: Q: Can I have more than two gender selections? A: No. Q: Can staff access the forums which are specified by gender? A: Yes.
  20. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.1.x Xenforo - Importer 1.3.1

    Some of the changes in XFI 1.3.1 include: Import deletion logs for posts from vBulletin. Correctly set IP addresses when importing blog entries. Prevent an error when importing from phpBB if one of the expected profile fields has been deleted. Properly import SMF private messages Check if...