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  1. WinSys32

    T&M The Bluffer's Guide to Poetry

    The Bluffer's Guide to Poetry epub | 453.32 KB | English | Richard Meier | Bluffer's Guides About The Bluffer's Guide to Poetry: From 'Wordsworth' to 'Word Count', and from 'Shakespeare' to 'Edward Lear', The Bluffer's Guide to Poetry contains everything you need to have you waxing lyrical in...
  2. WinSys32

    T&M Poetry and the American Presidency

    Poetry and the American Presidency pdf | 637.96 KB | English |978-1433117688 | Ferlazzo, Paul J. | 2012 | Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers; First printing edition | Page: 161 About Poetry and the American Presidency: Reading poetry reveals a great deal about the mind, the...
  3. WinSys32

    T&M On Modern Poetry From Theory to Total Criticism

    On Modern Poetry From Theory to Total Criticism epub | 440.16 KB | English | Smith, Robert Rowland.; | 2012 | Bloomsbury UK | Page: 218 About On Modern Poetry From Theory to Total Criticism: All too often, the history of poetry criticism in the 20th Century is told as a tale of two sides...
  4. WinSys32

    T&M Selected Poetry (Penguin Classics)

    Selected Poetry (Penguin Classics) by Alexander Pushkin epub | 1.01 MB | English | Alexander Pushkin, Antony Wood | 2004 | Penguin Books Ltd | Page: 356 About Selected Poetry (Penguin Classics) by Alexander Pushkin: One of the major poets of Romanticism, Wordsworth epitomized the spirit of...